What Are The Pros and Cons of Single-Serve Coffee Cups


By this point, you’ve probably heard about single-serve coffee cups. The concept of a single-serve coffee cup is quite simple. You simply insert a pre-manufactured “cup” into a specialized machine, push a button and within a few minutes you have a “perfectly” brewed cup of coffee. Although there are many concerns regarding the efficiency and quality of these machines, it hasn’t stopped them from becoming one of the most popular ways to consume your morning cup of coffee. With over 5 billion single-serve coffee pods sold each year, this is truly a phenomenon within the coffee industry. However, what are the true pros and cons of such an experience? The following article will delve into the advantages and disadvantages of having a single-serve coffee maker.

Advantage #1 – Convenience

The most obvious advantage of utilizing single-serving coffee cups is its convenience. There’s nothing quite easier than putting a pod in a machine, pressing a button and having a fresh cup of coffee almost immediately. For many busy professionals, this time-saving element is their primary reason for switching to single-serve coffee pods.

coffee-single-cup-serveAdvantage #2 – Cleanup

Although traditional coffee preparation isn’t necessary a messy experience, there’s literally no-mess when it comes to single-serve coffee pods. Once your coffee is made, you simply take the used pod out of the machine and throw it away.

Advantage #3 – Preparation Time

Because there’s no beans to grind or coffee to measure, the preparation time is literally a few seconds. Against, this is an excellent advantage for those who live busy lifestyles. In most cases, the preparation time is less than 30 seconds from start to finish.

Disadvantage #1 – Coffee Quality

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of using single-serve coffee pods is the quality of coffee. While many manufacturers use high-quality coffee, the duration of time the coffee sits in the pods from start to finish can be weeks. Because the aging process of coffee is expedited when the beans are ground, the freshness – and subsequent flavor – can be undesirable to those who demand flavor-rich coffee.

Disadvantage #2 – Control Over Coffee Creation

In many instances, single-serve coffee pods don’t offer the level of control many coffee lovers demand. While you get convenience, you also lose a serious amount of control over the coffee grind, overall water temperature and even the dosage of each cup.

Disadvantage #3 – Cost of Use

While you may think that single-serve coffee pods will save you money, the opposite is actually true. On average, you’ll spend roughly $30 per pound of coffee consumed. If you were to spend this amount on a traditional bag of coffee, you could be savoring some of the most exotic blends in the world.