The Case of Coffee – Does Coffee Actually Boost Mental Alertness


If you were to ask why the majority of people consume coffee, their answer is strikingly similar – they wish to boost their overall mental alertness. While it’s common knowledge that caffeine can cause an increase of overall energy levels, does this actually breakdown to an increase of alertness? Or is the stimulation simply fighting off physical exhaustion while your brain is still muddled in brain fog? Although there are conflicting answers, the latest scientific data suggests that consuming coffee may actually increase your attention span when it comes to simple and complex tasks.

Based upon our latest understanding of coffee and its interaction with your brain, it appears drinking a cup of coffee can actually increase not only our mental alertness, but also a host of other essential cognitive function elements. These include:

your-brain-on-coffeeIncreased Focus and Concentration

Many people turn to coffee to help them power through a long day at work or at long night of studying. According to several studies, it appears the caffeine content in coffee can actually help draw your attention to tasks that are important by triggering neurotransmitters responsible for cultivating and sustaining concentration and focus.

Strengthening Short Term Memory

Did you know that your memory is divided into two categories: Short Term Memory and Long Term Memory. According to several studies, the caffeine content in coffee can actually promote alertness and reduce fatigue by enhancing your brains short term memory. This is why many people find drinking coffee while studying for an exam or writing a research paper is ideal as their brain is able to retain vast amounts of information for a short period of time.

Dynamic Mental Alertness

Here is the answer to this common question: caffeine works within your body as a stimulant. As many of us already know, when you consume a stimulate your brain is facilitated to enhance its attention, wakefulness and alertness. By enhancing these mental elements, you’re able to easily learn and process incoming information. Many find this to be especially beneficial for times when you’re required to perform long and detailed tasks, such as reading or writing.

Mood Enhancement

You may be surprised to learn that your baseline mood determines your overall mental alertness. If you’re in a bad mood, such as stressed or depressed, your ability to retain information and perform both short and long tasks is severely limited. However, the compounds found in coffee are shown to increase your mood, which ultimately strengthens your focus and drive – two essential elements when working or going to school.