Is Organic Coffee Worth The Hype…And Money


To say that coffee lovers are discerning consumers is an understatement. In fact, many individuals who are active in their coffee habit are deeply passionate about the flavors, origins and aromas of their coffee. However, one of the biggest questions asked by both novice and avid coffee consumers pertains to whether or not organic coffee is truly worth their money? While there’s the obvious reason as to why people prefer organic products over their more conventional counterparts, what are the true reasons why organic coffee is worth your money? The following delves into the various reasons why you should reach for a bag of organic coffee over the traditional, chemically-rich, variety.

In recent years, many wholesale coffee companies have begun to specialize in organic coffee beans. The strong demand from retailers, restaurants and other bulk coffee purchasers has moved roasters into this organic space. When considering which private label wholesale coffee vendor to choose from, make sure they have at least one line of organic or fair trade coffee to choose from.

Reason #1 – No Harmful Chemicals

Did you know that conventional coffee beans are typically wrapped in a host of chemicals before being shipped off? However, when it comes to organic coffee, the processing techniques avoid the use of any chemicals. How does consuming a cup of coffee with beans that were bathed in ammonia or chlorine sound? Not very delicious, at all.

Reason #2 – No Pesticides

One of the most notable hallmarks of choosing organic coffee is the lack of pesticides used during the growing phase. While you may think that when the coffee beans are washed and roasted these harmful pesticides and herbicides are washed away with it? The truth of the matter is quite the opposite. When these compounds are using during the growing phase of any plant – including coffee trees – the chemicals are literally soaked up by the plant and deposited into the coffee beans.

Reason #3 – Community Oriented Production

fairtrade-coffee-productionIf you could choose to give your money to a giant corporation or to a local farmer, the majority of you will likely choose the latter. When you’re faced with the purchasing decision between conventional or organic coffee, this is the literal decision you’re making. Along with helping smaller farmers, you’re also ensuring that those who grow the organic coffee beans aren’t exposed to toxic chemicals on a daily basis.

Reason #4 – Environmentally Friendly

environmentally-friendly-coffeeAlthough the use of toxic chemicals used in conventional growing methods may not directly affect your immediate environment, the use of these harmful compounds significantly destroys the local environment and the communities that rely on the earth’s natural resources. Buying organic coffee ensures that you’re not paying into an industry that’s known to cause serious harm to the local environment.

Reason #5 – The Taste!

Beyond a doubt, organic coffee features more complex and deliciously decadent flavors. When conventional coffee utilizes chemicals, they’re actually dulling or inhibiting the natural flavors of your favorite coffee.

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